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Patio covers and cabanas are made from the same materials, so it’s really a matter of preference. With custom patio covers, we can make it an extension of your home. A cabana is a private island that brings a resort experience to your backyard.

Why Beautify?

You might be considering what home improvement project to invest in. If you’re thinking about the improvements having the highest return on investment, consider building a custom patio cover. Adding an outdoor living space to your home doubles the value of your property. This is because families and potential buyers prefer homes with more comfortable outdoor areas. Research has shown that homeowners recoup around 87% of their investment when selling their homes. So if you’re feeling cramped inside, try expanding your living space outside. It will improve your quality of life as well as be a great investment.


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If you are looking for unique, custom-designed and built outdoor living spaces, look no further. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable design experts are ready to work with you to create your ideal backyard retreat.